Dr. Gráinne Costigan

Full CV [PDF]

Current Position

From Dec. 2020
Sanofi, Barcelona
Statistical data scientist within global supply chain forecasting team at Sanofi.

Most Recent Previous Position

April 2018 - Nov. 2020
HP Inc., Barcelona
Senior data scientist working with HP Large Format Print identifying and solving business needs with data – taking models from the drawing board to production including part prediction failure, anaomlay detection in machine behaviour, adaptative maintenance and customer segmentation and classification. Joint presentation at Big Data and AI Congress Barcelona on one HP project completed with Datancia. Congress website and talk [PDF]

Community Involvement

Spring 2020
L'Arc de Sant Martí, Primary School, Barcelona.
Voluntary mentor leading 10/11 years olds through six sessions exploring careers in STEAM and the negative role gender can play within the sector. LINK
Spring 2019
Various Primary Schools, Barcelona.
Hour of code volunteer in a number of schools participating in sessions teaching 10/11 year olds how to approach coding for the firs time.
Feb. 2017 - Jan. 2018
DataKind, Dublin.
Datakind is a group of data science volunteers working together to help not-for-profit organisations. I have worked within small teams on topics for the Irish Prison Reform Trust, Woman's Health Project and Food Cloud, a waste food distribution company. Part of the work is to demonstrate and educate the NGOs on the power of data and what can be learnt from leveraging data science methods.
Skills: NPL. Google Analytics. Modeling Intervention Effectiveness. Decision Trees. Predictive Models.

Spring 2017 -Ongoing
Dunsink Observatory, Dublin.
Voluntary public outreach position giving outreach talks on astronomy and guided night sky tours.
Sept. 2016
Bogotá, Colombia
Science teaching in a primary school as part of a three week voluntary placement. Designed and implemented program for all classes from 7 to 12 years old. (see Communication for more).


Data Science Fellow
S2DS with Pivigo, London
Aug. 2017 – Sept 2017
As intern with SNTV, a world leading sports news video content provider, I was working on a 5 weeks, time boxed, data project to do a detailed customer segmentation and associated assessment of resource allocation.
- Part of a team of 3 which carried out first in-depth data analysis of content broadcast and download data.
- Performed customer segmentation in order to deepen understanding of how SNTV’s content is used and identify undervalued and/or ineffective content.
- Provided further understanding of change in market due to rise in digital media and how this affects SNTV clients.
- Building of recommendation system to provide individual recommendations for SNTV clients.

Main Technologies: Python (scikit learn)
Skills: Customer Segmentation. Identifying Market Trends. Statistical Analysis. Clustering. Recommender Systems.

Travel & Personal Development
May 2016 - August 2017
During this period I traveled through latin america learning Spanish and spent time volunteering on various projects.
Research Associate
April 2014 - April 2016
Leiden University
ESA's Gaia spacecraft.
Participated in the development of ‘Big Data’ (1 PB) scientific data archive – latest european astronomical all sky survey. - Took a lead role in beta testing of archive: co-organised a team of 10 scientific testers, gathered amateur astronomer testers, collated all test cases and implemented and tested these in SQL. I then raised issues and liaised with the European Space Agency (ESA) archive development team to identify areas of weakness within the archive access software.
- Worked alongside ESA and private companies to develop archive tools: established companies had access to necessary data, understood archive contents and limitations of data (while limited data sets available).
- Wrote the long term data preservation plan, contributed to testing of data traceability and to the collection and validation of data.
- Designed and supervised multiple student projects, Msc and PhD level taking place over time periods of 3-6 months.
- Produced high impact research contributing to over 15 published works which together are cited over 400 times.

Main Technologies: Python. SQL. R. Bash. Unix/Linux.
Skills: Statistical Analysis. Data Wrangling. Data Validation. Experimental Design. Functionality design. Regression Analysis.

Junior Researcher.
Dec.2009 - Nov.2013
ESO, Munich and DIAS, Dublin.
Strong project development skills: from formulating the science question, assessing what tools are needed, completing necessary analysis to reach scientific goal, to final publication of results.
Independent work ethic with good communication skills through working with multiple supervisors in different locations.
Presented scientific results at multiple international conferences.

Main Technologies: MIDAS (FORTRAN based). IDL.
Skills: Time Series Analysis. Data Visualisation and Communication. Data Cleaning.

Research Associate
Oct.2008 - Sept.2009
Dundee University, UK.
Implemented and developed computer vision algorithms for planetary rover navigation.
Main Technologies: MATLAB/Octave.
Skills: Algorithm implementation and development.
City Astronomer.
Oct.2008 - Sept.2009
Dundee, Scotland.
Lead the outreach program in the local public observatory.
Gave weekly public lectures, with night sky and planetarium tours
Wrote a monthly astronomy column in the local newspaper.
Held astronomy and art workshops for children in conjunction with local artists.

Research Associate
June 2006 - Aug.2006
Columbia University, NY.
Summer Research Position on modeling the electronic properties of atoms on the nanometer scale.


Dec. 2014
Graduated Queen's University Belfast (Northern Ireland), PhD in star formation. Title: Accretion Variability in Young Stellar Objects. [PDF]
Cambridge University (UK), Master of Mathematics. CASM Part III.
Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), Theoretical Physics, BA (mod).

Professional Service

Oct. 2015
Leiden, NL
Co-organiser of Interdisciplinary seminar on Medical Imaging and Astronomy. In connection with Erasmus Medical centre (Rotterdam).
Oct. 2015
ESA (ESTEC) Netherlands.
Co-organiser of the 'Accretion and Outflows: Exchanging Mass, Momentum and Ideas' workshop at the European Space Agency.

Technical Skills

+ [beginner] ++ [intermediate] +++ [expert]
- Python. +++
- R. +
- SQL. ++
- BASH. +++
- Unix/Linux. +++
- MATLAB/Octave. ++
- MIDAS (FORTRAN based). ++
- IDL. ++
- Git. ++
- Jira. ++
- AWS (EC2, Lambda, S3). +

Additional Information

Recent Professional Talks.

Oct. 2019. Barcelona, Spain. Big Data and AI Congress Barcelona Congress website and talk [PDF]


2011 Awarded the ESO studentship to continue PhD studies at ESO Garching.
2009 Awarded the prestigious Lindsay Scholarship (awarded once every 3 years) to undertake a joint PhD between DIAS and Armagh Observatory.
2007 Partial bursary from Cambridge European Trust to undertake Masters at Cambridge University.

Observational Experience

April 2012 La Silla Observatory, 13 nights with WFI on the 2.2 m
June 2010 Remote observations with Alfosc and NOTcam on the NOT telescope
Nov. 2010 Calor Alto. 5 nights with CAFOS on the 2.2m

Successful Observation Proposals

2015 30 hours of VLT-KMOS to survey the star forming region Flame nebula.
2013 “Connecting Accretion with Stellar Rotation”: VLT-KMOS Science verification. Successful but not observed. PI: G. Costigan
2012 "Monitoring Magnetic Fields: Searching for the connection between variable magnetic fields and accretion variability" VLT-CRIRES ; PI: G. Costigan