Off shore solo sailing in Sea Fever

GrĂ¡inne during a training session outside of Barcelona.
GrĂ¡inne during a training session outside of Barcelona.

In Janurary 2022 I purchased a 13 year old mini - a 6.5m racing boat designed to race across the Atlantic solo - something that at times I have deeply regretted, sold the boat 10 times over in my head but has been one of the most rewarding decisions I have ever made.

I am currently racing in the mini circuit in the mediterranean and have completed my 1000m qualitfication circuit for the large Atlantic races. My boat is an Argo, one of the best looking minis around and has been christened Sea Fever Sea Fever . Throughout the winter 23/24 I will continue to train with the Base Mini in Barcelona. 2024 and 2025 will bring two big atlantic races, Les Sables to Azores in summer 24 and a transatlantic race autumn 2025.

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I am looking for collaborators on my mini project - please feel free to get in touch.

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